Photo by mofles/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by mofles/iStock / Getty Images

    The Dark Side to Paradise: the Keys' Grifter World

Miami New Times: "How a Floating Bale of Cocaine Led to the Florida Keys' Worst Murder in Decades," by Tim Elfrink. March 28, 2017

"The three kids heard something in the night but figured mom was just arguing with her boyfriend Carlos. So they went back to sleep. Friday morning, 8-year-old Noah got up for school and awoke his siblings, 4-year-old Martha and 3-year-old Michael. Mom and Carlos still hadn't stirred, so he walked into their bedroom.

Then he saw them...."

USA Today: "This Sunny Florida Town Has a Shady Reputation for Fueling America's Illegal Drug Trade," by Michael Sallah. April 5, 2017.

"DORAL, Fla. — In a leafy office park in the suburbs west of Miami, local undercover officers set up an elaborate sting inside the Sevilla Trading Corporation.

Beyond the neatly furnished front office, a courier working for drug dealers carted in a shoe box stuffed with thousands in drug cash collected on street corners in cities across the country...." "400 Pounds of Marijuana Floating off the Florida Keys is a Sign Longstanding Trafficking Route are Still in Use," Christopher Woody

"In less than 30 days between September and October this year, Customs and Border Patrol agents and the US Coast Guard recovered nearly 400 pounds of marijuana floating in the waters off the Florida Keys and eastern Florida.

The drugs, collected in 15 separate incidents, were found floating at sea and washed up on shore. The street value of the total haul was estimated to be $306,400, the CBP said in a release.

The drug seizures over the last several weeks appear to be part of an upswing in such incidents...."