Intended Audience

Readers seeking to escape to “paradise.” The authors imagine a reader in the wintery northeast curling up with this book. They slide their feet into warm white sand, a Mai Tai in hand…but soon the high sun becomes daunting, the humidity, inescapable like a bad dream, and then the first body falls….

Readers interested in those playing “another,” or a persona, both online and in the real world. What does it mean to try to bury your past and become another person, as Vaughn Ellis attempts? What does it entail to become the online persona of a deadly stalker in pursuit of an ultimate goal, as Uppercrust does? We all form some degree of personas online and in the real world. The characters in Little Torch Key just take this to the extremes….

Photo by cristianl/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by cristianl/iStock / Getty Images

Readers seeking fast-paced, mystery, asking “Whodunit?” until the very end. The novel is told through both Vaughn Ellis's and Uppercrust's perspective, yet the reader is not told who is behind this Uppercrust. Which of the characters close to Vaughn Ellis is this deadly Uppercrust? Will the reader, and Ellis, figure this out before it's too late?

Readers seeking strong female characters who do not shrink to men. Vaughn Ellis flees New York after one haunting, irreversible decision. His wife, Abby Ellis, is forced to try to keep her sons strong in the wake of Vaughan's impromptu decision. Abby becomes a major character in Part II and Part III of the work, trying as she struggles to understand Vaughn's decision. She must decide whether or not she will ever see him as a husband and father again. Additionally, in the Keys and in New York City, Vaughn Ellis intersects with many complex female characters. A few are out to help him; many just see him as another body in the way of a nefarious goal.

Readers interested in powerful family themes in commercial fiction. Is blood thicker than water? How far will Vaughn Ellis go to protect his family, the same one he abandoned only months before? What do his sons think of their father? How does Abby Ellis keep her boys safe in New York while Vaughn Ellis's exploits in the Keys drag the family into dark water? Can he act in time to save himself, and ultimately, his family?