Similar Novels and TV Shows

Razor Girl (2016), Carl Hiaasen

While tonally Carl Hiaasen’s quirky novels differ from Little Torch Key, the South Florida settings and element of mystery ring true, especially in Razor Girl (2016), Bad Monkey (2015), Lucky You (2010), Stormy Weather (1997) and Double Whammy (1989).








The Cut (2012), George Pelecanos

George Pelecanos writes predominantly in a detailed Washington D.C. setting, including the culture of the place, especially in Hard Revolution (2011) and The Night Gardner (2009), we strive to include the same level of detail of place, writing about the Florida Keys; we want the reader to feel the unrelenting sun, the hot sand, the drink in the hand and the gun barrel pressed to the base of their skull. Our protagonist, Vaughn Ellis, is relatable to Pelecanos’ newest protagonist, Spero Lucas (The Double, 2014, and The Cut, 2012), a man who often has to operate around the law.


The Glades (A&E, 2010-2013) 

The show relied heavily on its South Florida setting, a place much darker than fan boat rides and fishing.

Deep Blue (2016), Randy Wayne White

Randy Wayne White’s “Doc” Ford character lives a second life in Floridian “paradise,” similar to Vaughn Ellis. He has to operate in the shadows. White works with similar themes to Little Torch KeyDeep Blue (2016), Everglades (2004), Sanibel Flats (1991) and The Man Who Invented Florida (1997).



Bloodline (Amazon, 2015-present) 

This show captures the rugged, dark, overlooked side to the Florida Keys and to tumultuous family life. This side never appears on the "Wish You Were Here" postcards.





The Wire (HBO, 2002-2008) 

Though the show takes place in Baltimore, The Wire, like Little Torch Key, illustrates the minute details of gritty criminal life. This isn’t the glamorous Baltimore waterfront nor the pristine Keys beaches. This is reality. We aspire to the prestige this show has garnered.

The Crossing (2016), Michael Connelly

Michael Connelly has occasionally written his mysteries from multiple perspectives, best known in The Poet (1997). The reader is privy to newspaperman Jack McEvoy’s and “The Poet’s” actions and perspectives. Additionally, Connelly’s most famous character, Harry Bosch, holds traits similar to Vaughn Ellis. He’s tough, smart and cares deeply about his daughter. And he’ll do anything to get to the killer, even work around the law. Similar works include: The Crossing (2016), The Burning Room (2015), A Darkness More Than Night (2014), The Drop (2012).

Bosch (Amazon, 2014-present) 

Produced by Michael Connelly and starring his most famous character, Harry Bosch, this show is filled with fast-paced action and a hard-nosed protagonist the audience gets behind.