This is not the Wish-You-Were-Here pristine postcard Florida Keys....

While Hurricane Irma largely spared posh and popular Key West, thirty miles east Irma ripped through Little Torch, a blink-and-you-miss-it island in the lower Keys inhabited mostly by yachties and service-industry types. Many of Little Torch’s residents fled. Tourism died. But Vaughn Ellis stepped off a southbound Greyhound there, surveyed the wreckage, and figured this was as good a place as any to disappear. He drank alone, hustled for cash, and told no one about the fatal shooting in New York, nor the shame he felt in failing to stop it. That shame drove him from his family and job. But a text awakens Ellis one night: Decisions have consequences. The next morning, a corpse in a Guayabera washes ashore across the Channel on Big Pine. A bullet in its head. Hours before, plenty of people in the Little Torch bar witnessed Ellis hustle that same man in the Guayabera out of a couple grand. The man threatened Ellis before being tossed to the bar’s parking lot.

Now Ellis is framed for the murder.

Is the man in the Guayabera a consequence? Of what? And what of Ellis’s fateful decisions—from that night in the Keys’ bar or his troubled actions in New York—has led him to be set up? As Ellis struggles to clear his name and atone with, and protect, his family in New York, he uncovers a triangle of deadly connections in the shadow of paradise.